Insuring Against Legionnaires’ Outbreaks

Legionella insurance

Warmer temperatures across the globe provide fertile breeding ground for legionella, the waterborne bacteria causing Legionnaires’ disease. Breakouts of Legionnaires’ disease are at an all-time high. Historically, standard insurance policy restrictions could exclude a primary risk like legionella. Is your business properly covered or are has this risk been overlooked or underestimated? Legionella insurance can protect your assets should your business become involved in Legionnaires’ disease claims.

Since Legionnaires is contracted through exposure to the legionella bacteria and not from another person, cases are becoming common. Legionella bacteria may lurk in cooling towers, water systems, plumbing, spas and fountains. With a mortality rate of up to 12%, incidences of Legionnaires disease can make big headlines in the media. These high profile lawsuits can bring catastrophic financial and reputational damage to the underinsured due to the life threatening nature of the disease.

Businesses today operate in a highly litigious environment. Additionally, with the uptick in instances of Legionnaires’, regulatory action and scrutiny regarding legionella and Legionnaires’ disease is increasing. Ignoring the risk of legionella isn’t an option. It is important to implement control measures to minimize legionella in systems and other water sources where the bacterium grows. Legionella insurance is essential to protect your business in the event of a Legionnaire’s claim.

Guide to Personal and Business Insurance and Bonds

insurance in Delaware

When thinking about insurance in Delaware, it’s important to think of both individual and business needs. You want to protect your personal assets along with ensuring your business is safeguarded. Another type of product that business owners might be interested in is bonds. Let’s talk about each one in turn.

First, personal insurance can insure cars, houses, personal possessions, life and health. Some lines of coverage pay to rebuild property or replace lost belongings in the event of disasters. These disasters can be natural, such as from windstorms or hail, or accidental, such as fire or burst pipes. Personal insurance is especially important to protect valuable assets such as musical instruments, jewelry or fine art.

Second, business insurance often covers a wide range of products from the business to its operations. One product you may find useful is commercial auto, which could cover bodily image and property damage, non-collision and collision damage, and uninsured and under insured motorists. A commercial auto policy can insure drivers of company and personal cars who are driving on behalf of the company.

Lastly, bonds are a way for a business to raise capital from investors. Think of bonds as IOUs. They are a debt obligation, but one where money is lent for a specific period of time. When you’re considering insurance in Delaware, consider all your personal and business insurance needs, while also knowing that there also can be support for business owners interested in bonds.

Guarding the Assets and Reputations of Design Engineers

Indiana, professional liability insurance for engineers

The public usually puts a lot of trust in design engineers. Everything people drive on, work or shop in, and see events at was initially conceived by an engineer. Society can also hold these individuals personally responsible when something goes wrong. The engineer is not always at fault, but they can be a convenient target for a damages suit if the injured party cannot find anyone else to blame. These types of lawsuits can close down companies or ruin a professional’s career and finances. Even in the “Crossroads of America,” Indiana, professional liability insurance for engineers can help protect the assets of the ones who design the areas we use every day.

One unfortunate result of some of these frivolous lawsuits aimed at design engineers can be the loss of the professionals standing in the community. An unanswered suit may appear to be a confession, but it could mean the accused engineer does not have the money it takes to defend against the charges. In a state arguably best known for rewarding honesty and integrity, like Indiana, professional liability insurance for engineers can help restore a good name. By covering the costs of lawsuits, this type of insurance can play an important role in keeping engineers working hard to make the spaces we inhabit more safe and enjoyable.

Comprehensive Design-Build Risk Mitigation

architects and engineers, professional liability

In an environment where lawsuits abound, architects and engineers, professional liability have become an essential service for design-build firms. Here are some of the aspects of available coverage.

Contract Reviews

When your firm produces an agreement and a client signs it, your company is now legally bound to its terms and conditions. One of the benefits of contract review is minimizing your risk from the start. Something as simple as a missing comma could result in a hefty lawsuit.

Loss Prevention

Plenty of issues could cause a financial hit to your business. For example, field equipment can be expensive to replace if something disappears, is damaged or ends up stolen. Your insurance company can help you put a program into place to soften the blows of dispossession.

Claims Support

Should your practice be subject to a claim at some point, you’ll be able to draw support from your architects and engineers professional liability policy. Some of the benefits of the errors and omissions coverage include:

  • Deflection of legal expenses to the insurance company
  • Protection of your business’ reputation
  • Shielding of assets in case of lawsuit

As you’ve been able to see, a comprehensive policy has the power to protect your business in many areas. When your company is backed by a robust insurer, you’ll be able to worry less about potential issues and instead focus on carrying out core services.

What You Need to Know About Import Insurance

import bond insurance

There are a variety of different forms of insurance that you may need if you run a business. This is particularly true if you’re importing merchandise into another country. In this case, you’ll need something that’s known as import bond insurance. This type of insurance has the sole purpose of guaranteeing that the federal government will be paid its import duties and fees.

Required by Law

Import bond insurance is a necessity, not only for business purposes, but it is required in order to transport goods. There are a couple of different reasons that customs insurance may be needed. On one hand, high priced items must always be insured. Second, if you are transporting any products that have specific requirements by the federal government, you’ll need to be insured.

Types of Insurance

If you’re only transporting goods once in a while, then you simply need a single entry insurance. You can get this every time that you have to transport something. If you’re transporting goods on the regular, however, you may need to invest in continuous coverage.

At the end of the day, having the proper insurance is vital to keep your business thriving. Not only does it protect your business, but it keeps you up to date with legal requirements.

Learn More About Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Pnw financial guaranty insurance

As a business owner, you want to do everything that you can to protect your company. This means having the right insurance policies in place. Employment practices liability insurance from a reputable PNW financial guaranty insurance company is another layer of protection to consider.

This type of insurance covers employees when there are claims made against them concerning discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination and other issues related to employment, such as failure to promote.

This type of coverage is critical for larger businesses, but small companies could benefit even more. With a small business, even the smallest lawsuit could cause significant financial issues and this type of policy could prevent these.

Employers generally combine this type of policy with a detailed employee handbook that details expectations and what could result in termination. For example, you might state that theft is grounds for automatic termination. However, you cannot cover it all, so if you have to let someone go and they allege that the reason is personal and try to sue, this insurance would then kick in to protect you.

With this information, you can examine your company and its needs to determine if this type of insurance is ideal for you. Should you want to get a policy, make sure to get it from an experienced PNW financial guaranty insurance company.

4 Great Marketing Ideas for Agents to Try

marketing ideas for insurance agents

In 2017, there is no shortage of marketing ideas for insurance agents to try out. Agents should attempt several different ideas to see what works and what does not.

1. Get on Social Media

Most people, and particularly Millennials, are on social media. Therefore, insurance agents should get on a platform to communicate with potential clients.

2. Look at Online Reviews

Sites, such as Yelp, allow everyday people to leave reviews for practically any business. Pay attention to what people are saying. Instead of getting angry at a negative review, see what you can learn from it.

3. Make Website Mobile-Friendly

Numerous people have a smartphone these days. They use these phones to look up information, and you want your insurance website to be readable on any device, including smartphones and tablets.

4. Use Facebook Advertising

Once you are on Facebook, you should look into buying Facebook Ads. You can get a lot more views on your insurance website with just a little bit of money.

Collect data every time you try a new marketing strategy to see how effective it truly is. After several months, you will have a much better strategy in place, so try out these marketing ideas for insurance agents to see what works for you.

When Businesses Need Virginia Workers Compensation Coverage

Virginia workman's comp

The Commonwealth of Virginia requires any business employing two or more people to carry insurance designed to provide compensation for certain injuries or deaths related to their work. Virginia workman’s comp law mandates this coverage even when the employees are from out of state, or when they are providing labor or services in a temporary capacity. If they are working in Virginia in any function for any amount of time, they must be covered to satisfy the law.

Companies that aren’t based in Virginia have two options to bring themselves into compliance. The first is to purchase a new policy valid in the commonwealth. Doing so guarantees coverage that meets all Virginia’s workers compensation insurance standards. The second is to update an existing, out-of-state policy to include an endorsement for Virginia. The plan should be fully in line with Virginia requirements. In order to be valid, the endorsement must modify item 3A to include Virginia.

Businesses considering doing any work in Virginia would be smart to have coverage as a precaution, as even a very small enterprise easily can hit the two-employee minimum. Subcontractor employees, family members, and minors are all considered employees under Virginia workman’s comp law. Trainees and part-timers also count, practically guaranteeing the need for a compliant policy.

Getting Ejuice Insurance

insurance for ejuice companies

Using e-cigarettes is a relatively new phenomenon that has gained mass popularity over the years. However, since the technology is relatively new, a lot of insurance companies are hesitant to insure vender of ejuice and electronic cigarettes. Finding the right insurance for ejuice companies may take a bit of research, but it is worth it in the end.

A lot of factors contribute to the massive switch from regular cigarettes to electronic ones. The most common reason is health related; it is healthier than smoking a regular cigarette. Another reason to switch is that it is cheaper in the long run. People also like the taste of the various juices more than the taste of cigarettes.

Insurance can protect you from a lot of potential situations, both legal and property-wise. As a vapor vendor, you want to find insurance that covers loss in the event of a break-in or a natural disaster. insurance for ejuice companies

Getting insurance for ejuice companies can be a difficult task, as finding insurance companies willing to help can be hard. However, in the end it will be worth it as it will keep your company’s finances protected if something out of your control occurs.

Advantages of Wholesale Insurance Brokers

wholesale insurance for prefab homes

A wholesale insurance broker is an intermediary between a retail broker and an insurer. As an agency or retail agent there are many advantages of utilizing a wholesale broker for wholesale insurance for prefab homes or any other type of insurance.

Wholesale insurance brokers usually specialize in one particular line of coverage, such as property insurance. Some of these brokers also specialize in unusual or hard-to-place insurance. A wholesale broker has extensive knowledge in dealing with difficult-to-place risks that some insurers are not willing to accept. An example for such insurance could be manufactured homes or condominium insurance. Often times it is difficult to find insurance for properties located in high-risk zones, such as along coastlines or in areas that see a lot of natural disasters. Specialization and specialized expertise is highly valuable in today’s specialty insurance market. Many wholesale brokers have underwriting experience that allows them to respond faster to any inquiries. Retail agents can profit from creating relationships with wholesale insurance brokers as this allows them to expand their footprint throughout a specific area or state and it gives them the chance to serve their clients better. For the insured, it is important to choose a retail agent that has extensive connections to wholesale insurance brokers for their hard-to-place risks because this can sometimes be the only way they can find proper insurance.

Dealing with a wholesale insurance broker is beneficial in many ways for both agency and insured. No matter if trying to find wholesale insurance for prefab homes or another type of property insurance, wholesale insurance brokers can help get coverage for a large variety of specialty and difficult-to-place risks.