showhorse insurance tennessee

3 Benefits of Equine Insurance

For many people, showing horses is their livelihood. When you’re in the equine industry, there are a lot of questions and considerations that you have to go through. One of the most important of these is whether or not you need showhorse insurance in Tennessee. There are three reasons why it’s beneficial to have it.

Cover Losses

Most people don’t have enough money on hand to pay for an attorney if they’re up against a lawsuit, to rebuild their barn or to replace their horse. You’re not always going to be able to predict what circumstances might come up.

Medical Costs

If you have a young show horse, then odds are, you don’t know what kind of medical problems it might have in the future. Sometimes medical emergencies might come into play but other times they may have a medical condition that you discover later in life. It’s good to have insurance to help pay these costs. After all, the price of insurance is often much less than the vet bills.

Transportation Risk

Some owners look into insurance to make sure that their horses are covered in case of any accidents during transport. Many show horses travel from state to state, so it’s important to have show horse insurance in Tennessee to make sure that you are covered wherever you go.

If you have a horse that you love to show, it’s a valuable asset and often a member of your family. It’s important that it’s protected too.