3 Common Types of Lawsuits in the Hospitality Industry

Hospitality is an exciting field that allows your business to serve many types of people in their travels. However, there are risks to operating a hospitality business. Negative incidents can lead to lawsuits, which can lead to lengthy legal negotiations that can be devastating to a business’s finances.

Here are some common examples of hospitality industry lawsuits.


Any situation in which the customer feels the company neglected its duty to provide a safe environment can lead to a general negligence lawsuit. Hospitality companies can avoid these lawsuits by adhering to strict safety standards and investing in regular training programs for all employees.

Physical Endangerment

If a hotel guest is a victim of a crime such as assault on the premises of the building, the company may be found liable. Other common situations include theft and domestic abuse. You can reduce these risks by investing in security cameras and training security guards to recognize dangerous situations.

Violations of Disabilities Act

The Disabilities Act requires businesses to provide amenities that allow people with disabilities to navigate the premises. There are many requirements companies must abide by, so it is a good idea to consult a Disabilities Act expert in your industry.

Keeping these risks in mind will help your hospitality business avoid costly lawsuits.