3 Reasons Why You Need More Personal Liability Coverage

Homeowners insurance in Connecticut does more than offer you security if your property becomes damaged or stolen. One part of your policy is personal liability coverage, which protects you if someone sustains an injury while on your property or you harm someone else’s property. There are three reasons why you need more personal liability coverage than the minimum amount.

  1. Potential Hazards – You need more coverage if you have any of the following high-risk factors at your house:
    • Dog
    • Trampoline
    • Swimming pool
    • Hot tub
    • Fence
    • Shed
    • Swing, slide, or playground set
  2. Alcoholic Gatherings – If you host alcoholic parties, you also need more coverage included in your homeowners insurance in Connecticut, as it is a state with social host liability laws. These laws state that if you serve alcohol to someone you recognize as already intoxicated, whether a minor or legal adult, you may be partly responsible for any injury, death, or property damage the person experiences or causes.
  3. High Assets – Homeowners insurance policies provide a minimum of $100,000 personal liability coverage, though at least $300,000 is recommended. If your net worth exceeds this amount, you need higher coverage or an additional umbrella policy to protect your assets.

When in doubt, it is better to have increased coverage. Furthermore, umbrella policies come with the benefit of including other situations not found in your regular policy for homeowners insurance in Connecticut, giving you even more security.