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4 Differences in Traditional and Commercial Auto Coverage

There are several key difference between a traditional auto insurance policy and trucking accident insurance coverage. They are both designed to protect the driver and the other party, but they do so in different ways.

1. Bigger Coverage. The amount of damage a truck can inflict means there are greater limits and coverage areas with the policies. Some policies can be worth millions of dollars.

2. Different regulations. Truckers have different regulations dictating their coverage amounts. The experts at caution each driver to register with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to provide proof of compliance and avoid fines.

3. Dangerous Accidents. The bigger the truck, the worse the potential accident that occurs. Because of the size of the vehicles, the accidents are generally more serious and the injuries more severe within the trucking industry.

4. Attorney Involvement. If a trucker gets into an accident, the serious nature of the damages or injuries tends to give a victim the push to involve legal counsel. There is serious loss that can be incurred, and with a lawyer on board, a victim can navigate the hoops and chaos an insurance agency might present before taking care of a claim.

As a trucker, it is important that you protect your business and cargo as a first priority. However, the investment you make in your insurance will also protect those may encounter you on the road.