Insurance LA

Basic Insurance Options For Your Small Business

Many coverage options are available for small business insurance in LA. Depending on your needs and budget, you can tailor your insurance policy to keep your business protected from any lawsuits and losses. If this is your first time searching, here are three basic coverages to consider for business insurance.

General Liability

General liability, the most basic of business coverages, is made up of two parts, bodily injury and property damage coverage. Bodily injury provides coverage in instances when a third-party gets injured or dies as a result one of your employees’ actions at works. Property damage provides coverage in cases where an employee causes damage to your equipment or other property.

Commercial Property

If your covered property is damaged, lost or stolen, commercial property insurance provides reimbursement towards repair or replacement costs as well as any revenues loss associated with those items. If one of those items is a computer, the data on the computer will also be covered as any other property.

Workers Compensation

Even if you only have one employee, it is recommended that you carry workers compensation insurance. From minor injuries to possible death, your business assets will be covered against any losses due to work accidents.

Plenty of options exists for small business insurance in LA. Take your time to assess your needs and research the available carriers before signing up for a plan.