Benefits of Marina Insurance Coverage

If you run a marina, you may think that all you need is commercial general liability insurance. The truth is that this isn’t always enough. In fact, a lot of general liability insurance does not include marine work. So, if you happen to run a marina, that coverage is likely not going to be enough. Why should you get marina insurance coverage? We’ll go over a few of the basic benefits.

Worker Protection Against Lawsuits

Did you know that a lot of general liability excludes anything that happens on or near the water? This means that if an accident does happen, your workers or contractors may be liable for and unable to protect themselves against a lawsuit. With coverage, you have protection.

Risks on the Water

When it comes to marina liability insurance, there are very specific circumstances that it covers. For instance, marinas often have a lot of high valued property and may have several different contractors working at any given time. The risks on the water are also different from land. So, when it comes to breakdowns, equipment failure or even personal injury, you need coverage made for marinas.

At the end of the day, the main benefit of marina liability coverage is to protect you and the workers in your marina. No matter what type of business you own, thorough coverage is always necessary.