The Benefits of Using Big Data Analysis

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The Benefits of Using Big Data Analysis

The evolution of today’s modern computer technology continues to increase the type of information that businesses have access to. Increased storage capacity, interactive programs and applications and internet capabilities that continue to grow, have provided an invaluable resource that can be utilized to show trends that guide research and in some cases drive profits. When discussing big data, insurance, security and continuing education can help ensure that this information is utilized to the best of its potential both safely and efficiently.

Types of Fields That Can Benefit From Coverage

While the concept of collecting large amounts of data may not be anything new, technology today has made this possible on a much larger scale. Because of this, many types of institutions can benefit from this type of research. Some fields that can benefit most from big data include the following:






Big Data not only includes basic identifying information from the participants but can also include sensitive or confidential information. Because of this, having safeguards such as big data insurance may be even more crucial depending on the nature of your field. If you are an organization that utilizes this type of information, it is important to ensure that it is covered under your existing business insurance plan. If not, speaking to insurance professional the understands your cybersecurity needs can be a good starting point in finding ways to supplement your coverage.

The Top 3 Benefits of Hospitality Insurance for Your Business

Hospitality Insurance for Your Business

The Top 3 Benefits of Hospitality Insurance for Your Business

The modern insurance field is complex and competitive. This is especially true when it comes to specialty arenas like hospitality insurance. Many business owners and managers can struggle when searching for affordable quality insurance to cover their employees, patrons and company operations. If you run a business in the hospitality industry, then a competent and flexible insurance company like RMS Hospitality Group can help alleviate your insurance concerns.

1. Personalized Plans Can Meet Your Needs

It can be narrow-minded to approach the unique field of hospitality with a one-size-fits-all approach to insurance. A high-quality insurance company like RMS Hospitality Group is capable of tailoring a plan to your standards, based upon the size of your business, the type of events you host and your location.

2. Experienced Brokers Can Help You

The hospitality industry today is fast-paced and sometimes overwhelming. By entering into a positive relationship with highly-rated and experienced professional brokers, you can trust in the quality of your insurance plans and focus on the rest of your business performance.

3. Wide Coverage Options Can Protect You

A variety of insurance options are available, specifically for the hospitality industry. These can include, but are not limited to:

• Assault and battery insurance

• General liability

• Liquor liability

If you would like to know more about what RMS Hospitality Group can do for you, contact us today!

How To Deter Crime on a Commercial Property

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High crime areas not only impact the ability to maintain tenants on your commercial property but can have a negative impact on your commercial real estate insurance premium. Here are some tips to deter crime.


The value of good lighting cannot be understated when it comes to deterring crime. Many criminals strike at night when visibility is limited. If you can’t see them, it’s harder to catch them. A well-lit parking lot and building don’t make for an easy target.


With all the security systems available, you are bound to find one for your building and your budget. Ideally, the security system has an alarm system and cameras. The system should contact the police or a monitoring service when someone breaks in through a door or window.


If the building really needs extra protection or houses expensive items, consider hiring a guard to patrol the building. Having a local cop routinely go through the property at unspecified times can also deter crime. If you like animals, a guard dog may be nice to have on the premises to deter criminals and alert you of their presence.

Working to prevent crime from happening on the property can lower your commercial real estate insurance rates. Not only that, but tenants are more likely to stay in the building if they know you’re protecting their property.

Serving You The Best Coverage Possible

David Sayles Insurance

Since 1981, David Sayles Insurance has helped thousands of clients across New Jersey area. All this experience has allowed us to build a company that knows its way around the industry. Our large resources and expansive knowledge of the insurance climate means that you get strong insurance policies at a price that works for you.

Why Work With David Sayles?

There are plenty of agencies to choose from. However, none have the amazing team that we do. From our professional executives to our talented underwriters, our staff is more than capable of handling the toughest cases.

There is no client too big or too small

Another reason to chose us is our large network of partners. These include both national and regional companies. A web this large allows us to pull the best policies, solutions and prices just for you. We work hard to negotiate great deals in order to get you the products you deserve.

Last but not least is our wonderful array of product lines. These include options for both individuals and businesses. Each is built around your particular situation and industry in mind.

Choosing David Sayles Insurance is the right decision for the long term. Allow us to handle the confusing world of insurance so you can experience of a grand level of protection.

Data Breach Protection

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Business information is now often stored or handled through digital means, whether on a computer or server, over a network, or online. It’s convenient and resourceful to do so and, in some cases, it’s far more secure than physically storing information. However, digital theft is still possible, and the methods to do so are quite different from physical robbery. Sometimes, this can be as simple as an employee sending an email to the wrong address. Other times, it can be an advanced persistent threat (APT) which involves extended and more intentional security penetration. Regardless of the way a business’s data is stolen, most general liability policies are not enough to cover the losses involved. Due to this, finding a data breach insurance coverage which fits your needs as a business with virtual storage can be an incredibly important step in protection.

Why Do You Need It?

Unfortunately, hackers are regularly coming up with new ways to break cyber security, so it’s not possible to have perfect protection. On average, claims involving data breaches reach nearly $700,000, which could be financially devastating for any company, let alone smaller businesses. Meanwhile, data breach insurance coverage generally will cost under $1,000 for smaller and medium-sized businesses. That is a much easier number to process, possibly saving your business hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Small Firm Liability Risks and What You Need to Know

small law firm malpractice insurance

When it comes to running a law firm, there are liabilities and risks. This is why small law firm malpractice insurance is important for every firm. Just because you aren’t a large firm with deep pockets doesn’t mean you aren’t susceptible to risk.

The Angry Client

Even small firms end up with stories about angry clients. Even if you did nothing wrong, clients might still sue you for negligence or file a complaint when a case doesn’t go his or her way. There are many reasons for a disgruntled client but you need protection.

The Unfortunate Mistake

Sometimes a lawyer wears many hats. Due to this, mistake happen and conflicts arise. When you have insurance, you don’t have to worry so much about what you’re going to do after an error. As long as the error wasn’t intentional in any way, you can be confident knowing that when an error does arise, it’s not going to break the firm.

The Data Breach

Data breaches are real and can compromise clients, businesses and the law firm. This can expose client and employee information. Due to this, you may see loss of business, damage to your reputation alongside of lawsuits from upset clients.

When it comes to insurance, small firms and large firms alike need insurance. It’s important for smaller firms to explore small law firm malpractice insurance.

Staying Covered With Liability Insurance in New Jersey

NJ manufacturers insurance

As a manufacturer in New Jersey, you face numerous liability risks in your daily operations. Without the proper insurance coverages, these risks can lead to your company’s downfall. While the process of searching for insurance may be difficult to handle on your own, working with an agent who’s experienced in NJ manufacturers insurance can ensure that your policy meets your business’ needs. As you conduct your search, here are some of the liability coverages you should expect to include in your new policy.

Liability Insurance Defined

Liability insurance offers payment towards expenses related to third-party lawsuits against your company. Your policy will cover attorneys’ fees as well as any settlement or judgment amounts.

Liability Insurance Options

Here are some of the more popular coverages to consider for your new policy:
Product Liability – specific coverage for when a third party’s bodily injury or property coverage is caused by a product you created.
Manufacturer’s E&O – coverage for when an error or omission on your part led to a third-party experiencing a loss.
General Liability – broad coverage for instances where a third-party sustains bodily injury or property damage because of your business.
Pollution Liability – specific coverage for when bodily injury or property damage is caused by pollution from your business.

NJ manufacturers insurance regulations can be confusing for newcomers. Your agent can help you navigate these regulations and craft your perfect policy.

Common Liabilities Staffing Agencies Face Working With Temporary Workers

Employee benefits liability insurance

Unlike a traditional business, staffing firms often employee more temporary staff than full-time employees. Part of the industry is staffing employees for other companies on a temporary or contract basis. Employee benefits liability insurance is one way to protect the financial assets of the business in the event of a lawsuit.


Your employees often work at other businesses. The staffing firm can be on the hook if an employee steals from your client. Ensure the policy includes property in transit as well at third-party locations.


A general liability policy covers property damage and bodily injury on your property. Make sure you have a rider to cover damages or injury caused by your temporary employee.


Staffing firms need additional coverage for errors and omissions by staff once they’ve been permanently placed. Check for any exclusions in the policy for specific professions such as IT professionals.


Employees driving a client’s vehicle need additional coverage than provided by a commercial auto policy. Hired and non owned auto insurance offers additional needed coverage.

Protect your financial assets with employee benefits liability insurance as part of your insurance portfolio. The policy covers business negligence claims. Speak with your insurance agent to ensure you have the right coverage for your staffing business.

Your Guide to a CPP Insurance Policy

what is a CPP insurance policy

A CPP or commercial package policy provides protection for nearly any type of commercial risk. Business owners may combine and package different coverages so that they cover the unique risks that business owners face. If you’re still asking yourself, what is a CPP insurance policy? This is your guide.

Elements to a Commercial Package Policy

A commercial package policy has several components. These components include:

  • CPP coverages
  • Common policy conditions
  • Common policy declarations

The CPP coverages are the most important part of the commercial package policy. This is where the true flexibility of the CPP insurance policy shines through. Keep in mind that all coverages come with their own specific and unique conditions.

What Is a CPP Insurance Policy?

While you may know what a CPP is, you may not know all of the coverages. Some of the most common coverages and combinations of coverages are:

  • Commercial property coverage
  • Commercial auto coverage
  • Commercial crime coverage
  • Boiler and machinery coverage
  • Commercial inland marine coverage
  • Professional liability coverage
  • Employment practices liability
  • Farm coverage

One of the best parts of this type of policy is that you can combine and choose what your business needs.

A commercial package policy is crucial when you own a business. It provides you with protection for all kinds of commercial risks.

Tips for Reporting a Claim

Axis Surplus Insurance Company

Carrying liability insurance is your best protection when a claim is filed against you or your company. You will have established a relationship with your broker during your initial policy filings, but many rely too much on their involvement for a successful claim settlement. According to Axis Surplus Insurance Company, there are things that you should do to protect your claim and ensure minimum cost responsibility.

File all reports promptly. The worst thing you can do when dealing with a claim is delaying your reporting. This can actually cost you more because addressing problems sooner means more efficient management. Any injuries or investigations should be reported immediately.

Don’t speak with the claimant or any attorneys concerning the claim, and do not admit liability. Even if a claim or report is filed, it does not indicate liability in the situation. Allow your insurance representatives and their attorney to handle the matter.

Do not try to settle a claim on your own. Not only does this lead to more financial trouble, but it could also invalidate your insurance policy with the claim if the claimant does not accept your offer.

At Axis Surplus Insurance Company, there is an entire department dedicated to resolving claims. By following these tips, it makes it much easier for them to do their job and settle your issue.