Insurance to Protect Your Life

Bergen County Insurance

You spend your life building a home filled with treasured items including family. Your business is no exception to the time and care you put into everything you have. A Bergen County Insurance company can protect what matters most to you. Our tailored plans can help you at any stage of your life.

Personal Insurance Coverage

As a full coverage insurance provider, we protect what matters most to you. Protect your way of life, your loved ones and your property. Types of personal insurance we offer include:

  • Home
  • Auto
  • Flood
  • Boat
  • Condominium
  • Collector Car
  • Motorcycle
  • Personal Umbrella
  • ATV
  • Earthquake
  • Renters

Business Insurance Coverage

In addition to protecting the things valuable at home, we provide the coverage you need to keep your business running smoothly even if disaster strikes. You put your heart into the business you created, and your financial stability depends on it. Protect that investment with some key insurance coverage options including:

  • Commercial Auto Insurance
  • Fiduciary Liability Insurance
  • Marine Cargo/Stock Throughput Insurance
  • General Liability Insurance
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance
  • Employment Practices Liability Insurance
  • Errors & Omissions Insurance
  • Property Insurance
  • Directors & Officers Liability Insurance
  • Commercial Umbrella Insurance

Whatever life throws at you, protect your home, life and business with Bergen County Insurance. We value what matters most to you and cater our policies to suit your specific needs.

What Is Employed Lawyers Liability Insurance?

employed lawyers professional liability insurance

As an attorney, it’s important to recognize the importance of liability insurance. Most of the time, the lawyers who worry the most about professional liability are lawyers for firms or who work for themselves. The outliers are contracted lawyers or the in-house counsel in a business. Unfortunately, the in-house counsel also takes a lot of risk. This is where employed lawyers liability insurance comes in.

Risks to Employed Lawyers

Some of the risks to employed lawyers may look different from other attorneys. Here are some of the risks:

  • Sometimes terminated employees will direct their suits at the in-house counsel, stating negligence.
  • Pro-bono and moonlighting services are also subject to lawsuits.
  • A third party may try to access documents or information stored electronically.

As with any law practice, several risks require employed lawyers professional liability insurance for protection.

What Employed Lawyers Insurance Covers

  • Non-client claims coverage
  • Regulatory claims coverage
  • Coworker claims coverage
  • Coverage for punitive damages
  • Defense costs
  • Pro-bono and moonlighting coverage
  • Protection from suits, proceedings or demands for damages
  • Coverage for claims brought by board of directors or employer

The best way to know all of what an insurer covers is to ask questions before you commit to any policies. Make sure your policies fit your needs.

When it comes to employed lawyers professional liability insurance, it is as important as any other business’s insurance policy.

Three Ways that You Can Benefit From Renters Insurance

Renters insurance in Indianapolis

Many renters can fail to purchase renters insurance because they may think their landlord’s insurance policy can cover the loss of their personal property. Unfortunately, most landlords may not have coverage that extends beyond the building itself. This may mean that if the building and all contents were destroyed, you could be responsible for replacing all your personal belongings. Renters insurance in Indianapolis can benefit you in many ways.


Renters insurance can assist with replacing items that may be stolen if someone breaks into your home or apartment. It may also cover replacement of items stolen or lost while vacationing.

Fire and Water Damage

Items damaged or destroyed in a fire may be replaced if you have renter’s insurance. This can include clothing, furniture, jewelry and any other items that were your personal property. Items destroyed or damaged by water because of busted pipes or leaks can also be replaced. However, some policies can have limitations that may exclude water damage caused by the resident.

Relocation Assistance

If your home or apartment is destroyed or rendered uninhabitable due to a covered incident, it can be costly to relocate on short notice. Renters insurance in Indianapolis can help you with the cost associated with moving to a temporary location.

Damages and Injuries to Others

If you are responsible for damage to someone else’s property or injury to another person, renters insurance can cover your liability. It can also pay for any legal fees if you are sued for such injuries or damages.

Benefits of Management Services for Vendors

Vender management services

Vendors include anyone providing services or goods to a business. Depending on the size and nature of your business, you could have hundreds or only a few vendors. Each vendor comes with their own contact information, contract points and pay rates that must be managed by someone. Vender management services offer expertise and market knowledge to get the most out of your vendors while reducing costs and streamlining the entire process.


Streamlining the vendors used by a company often brings better efficiency. Companies using services to manage vendors gain a variety of benefits including:

  • Less service failures and problems
  • Legal obligations met
  • Enhanced vendor performance
  • Efficient purchasing
  • Reduced total cost of procurement
  • Balanced purchaser/vendor relationship
  • Improved flow of information


The group of services covered typically manage and identify risks, reduce costs and improve performance of vendors. Services provided often include:

  • Master Agreement contract completion
  • Identifying vendor consolidation opportunities
  • Identifying risks
  • Current vendor evaluations
  • Vendor negotiation
  • Monitoring risks
  • Managing transitions between vendors
  • Identifying more appropriate vendors
  • Vendor catalogue evaluation
  • Evaluating and monitoring vendor activities
  • Sourcing of vendors

Move beyond simply getting the best price and problem solving. Increase efficiency with a streamlined process. Vendor management services allow experienced staff to focus their attentions on their work increasing overall business efficiency.

Safeguard Against Possible Crime

crime insurance coverage

Depending on the insurance policy, some types of crime may be covered. However, these policies can leave out some specific types of crime, such as threats against your security or theft of funds. If you would like to protect your business from these business types of felonies, you may want to look into crime insurance coverage. Depending on the insurer, you may be able to specialize your policy for whatever your business may be most likely to be afflicted by.

Why Is Crime Insurance Needed?

Unfortunately, there are dishonest people who may target your company or may be hired on as an employee without anyone knowing their intentions. Often times, what these people may steal from the business are not covered by general liability policies, so crime insurance coverage may be needed to take care of it, instead. Some cases of business crimes that can be covered by crime insurance are:

  • Embezzlement
  • Theft within the company premises
  • Forgery of business notes, checks, etc.
  • Funds transfer and computer fraud
  • Misrepresentation
  • Robbery of money and goods while in transit

If claims are required to be filed against thieves, crime insurance coverage may also be able to take care of the legal fees. It should be noted, however, that crime insurance will not cover company errors or your own actions.

How Insurance Protects Your PEO

PEO insurance

If there is one thing professional employer organizations, or PEOs, have in common is that they are complicated. No two PEOs, which are a lot like staffing organizations on steroids, are quite the same, but they all need to protect both the business and the men and women the business employs. PEO insurance can do that.

The kind of PEO insurance your business needs will depend a lot on client co-employment agreements. Those agreements should outline how the client will protect your employees while they work for the client, as well as specify how the PEO will cover employees during that engagement.

Most Common PEO Insurance Policies

Regardless of client co-payment agreements, most PEOs should engage with an insurance company to decide what basic coverages it should carry. The most obvious policies would protect the PEO from common business liabilities, such as office injuries (workers compensation) or lawsuits filed against the company (professional liability or errors and omissions insurance).

How much a solid PEO insurance policy will cost a company depends solely on the type of insurance the organization requires and the risk the carrier underwrites with regard to that policy. Spend time with an insurance agent to discuss what coverage you require and how it can fit into your budget.

How To Protect Your Business from the Unexpected

errors and omission policy

No matter how well you prepare, accidents happen. When it comes to business, if an accident happens, whether it is a customer injury or damage to someone’s property, the consequences can be devastating. You can protect your business, however, with the right errors and omission policy.

An errors and omission policy, or E&O, protects business owners by providing legal cost coverage when someone files a lawsuit against the company based on an alleged professional error. As further protection, the policy covers judgments levied on the business.

What About General Liability Insurance?

You may think, because your business carries general liability insurance, you are covered against professional mistakes. However, many general liability policies do not cover this type of accident, even if the work damages property.

A solid errors and omission policy will cover that, as well as costs associated with other liabilities, such as disputes arising from:


  • Poorly performed work
  • Missed deadlines
  • Incomplete work
  • Employee mistakes

Does Your E&O Policy Provide the Following?

Before you sign off on an errors and omission policy, make sure your agency provides you with a lawyer. If you decide you should sue another company based on, or spurred by, the lawsuit, most E&O policies will not cover those legal costs. Sit down and spend time with your insurer to make sure you fully understand your E&O policy benefits.

Top Questions About Business Insurance

Business owner policy

You have already spent the time and money on getting your business up and running. With all of the hard work, it feels good to see the payoff. It’s easy to get caught up in feeling accomplished, even before you look into a business owner policy.

If you’re new to the business world, you may be confused by what getting a BOP entails. Here are some of the common questions answered.

Do You Need Business Insurance?

The answer is generally yes. A BOP will protect your business against theft, liability and vandalism. Any amount of business interruption is also included.

Is Business Insurance Required?

The best way to find out what is required is to look at the specific laws where your business is located. However, most places do have certain insurances that are required by law. It never hurts to have extra protection.

Can You Bundle Insurance Policies?

Bundling your insurance policies is actually incredibly common. Not only can you bundle your business owner policy, but it is recommended to bundle your policy with your other insurance coverages. This can save you money.

At the end of the day, having a BOP is better for you and your business. Insurance protects you against any loss or damages you might face in the future.

How To Safeguard Your Marina

insurance for marinas

Although any marina operator hopes that no accidents occur on their property, there are many things that can happen in a harbor. This is why many companies provide insurance for marinas in case of said emergencies. However, that are many steps you can take to safeguard you marina and prevent as many accidents as possible.

Take Natural Disasters into Account

Any marina builder should consider future weather emergencies during construction. Look into government guidelines and measures to make sure your marina is up to par to withstand large natural disasters like hurricanes.

Basic Fire Prevention

There are many sources that can start a fire even in the smallest marinas. Do not forget that each boat carries with many potential sources of fire starters from gasoline, wood and paint. It is never too late to install fire detectors in storage areas.

Basic Upkeep

Watch for any loose boards or wires along walkway areas. Clean out storage areas regularly. Remove and reinstall any older railings. Keep an eye out for any trouble areas to guard against injury and boat mishaps.

Work with your vessels and boats in mind when maintaining your property. In case of emergencies remember that there are multiple companies offering their insurance for marinas. Reach out to a reliable insurance company for complete coverage of your investment.

Make Your Healthcare Business Thrive With Quality Insurance

Cyber insurance

There are many responsibilities that come with providing excellent medical care. One of them is protecting the confidential information of your employees and healthcare patients. Cyber insurance can alleviate some of the high costs that come with network failures or security breaches. Learn the basics of this type of insurance to decide on a plan that’s right for you.

Protect Your Business from Hackers and Viruses

Unfortunately, data breaches are becoming more and more common. Nefarious hackers are trying to access the credit card, social security and personal information of patients, putting both them and you at risk. If your business is a victim of a cyber-hacker, it might result in large penalty fines and legal fees. Cyber insurance can cover many of the costs of the following:

  • Notifying clients about a data breach
  • Restoring personal identity information to clients
  • Recovering stolen data
  • Repairing damaged computer systems

Trust a Reputable Company

The key to protecting your business is finding comprehensive coverage with a company that understands what to do in an emergency. Contact insurance agents to ask for quotes and discuss policies that adequately protect your business.

Finding top-notch cyber insurance can assist you in providing the best care for your clients. Hopefully, learning the basics of this type of plan can give you peace-of-mind and encourage you to contact an agent.