CAAs – Know the Risks and Responsibilities

Ever since the story of the Good Samaritan, the spirit of helping your neighbor has permeated societies across the globe. In the 1960s, Community Action Agencies were formed out of the desire to fight poverty in the United States. While it’s true that entities such as homeless shelters, education programs, health centers, and food banks can provide great benefits to those they serve, liability is always a risk of caring for vulnerable persons.


Coverage in Serving Others


When offering insurance coverage to CAA administrators or managers, it’s vital to help them fully understand which particular legal issues they will most likely face. For example, if your clients operate homeless shelters, they may encounter situations involving youth and family homelessness, which can potentially require CPS reporting and the separation of children from their parents. Any perceived negligence or wrong-doing could lead to a professional liability claim. Legal fees, alone, can effectively cripple an agency. This is a situation in which proper insurance coverage can save your clients’ programs.


Coverage in Maintaining the CAA


While meeting the needs of others, many Community Action Agencies find themselves in need, as well. Often, these facilities are not up-to-code, or they are understaffed and overpopulated. There may have been reports that federal and state subsidies were mishandled. Any of these issues can lead to deteriorating conditions within the programs. It’s important to that you work with your clients to recognize all the government-mandated requirements for their CAA, so that you can provide them with the right insurance coverages for their needs.