ADA Compliance for Businesses

importance of ADA compliance

The Americans with Disabilities Act requires that businesses who serve the general public must provide accommodations to handicapped individuals so that they can enter a business’s premises or use its services. Failure to comply with the ADA can cause significant liability exposure because it can result in claims of discrimination. Here are some important aspects of ADA compliance that all businesses need to consider.

Human Resources

The importance of ADA compliance has to be a significant factor in business’ general operating procedures as well as human resources policies. In addition to providing accommodations for the general public, they must also create an inclusive working environment for disabled employees. When an employee makes a request for a reasonable accommodation due to a disability, a business should use its best efforts to respond effectively.

Accessibility Criteria

A business’s premises need to meet certain physical requirements to facilitate access for individuals who are mobility impaired or rely on the use of a wheelchair. It may be necessary to modify doors or install wheelchair ramps. While businesses will not need to make changes that they can’t reasonably afford, any type of significant renovations may trigger compliance with ADA requirements that have been integrated into local building codes.

ADA compliance is a legal requirement that all businesses need to be proactive. In addition to following the law, compliance is important for shaping positive customer experiences and sentiment.


What Insurance Investment Does Your Business Need?

commercial general public liability insurance

Any business needs protection from loss associated with claims issued against the operations. This protection is in the form of financial assistance, commonly called insurance. A company has many risks based on the operations, the location, the products, and the consumers, and general liability policy is the most basic form of insurance protection for any size business.

The Coverage Needs

When a business purchases a commercial general public liability insurance plan, it provides coverage for things like medical payments to injuries that happen to clients or consumers on your property or advertising claims of slander, libel, or copyright infringement. The general liability policy also provides funds for defense costs and settlement demands that may come from a lawsuit against the company.

Other Areas of Coverage

General liability claims aren’t the only things a company should be aware of. Businesses must worry about things like fraud, theft, employee injury, cybersecurity concerns, errors and omissions claims, and equipment malfunctions. Because there are so many other areas of concern, businesses sometimes look at a business owner policy (BOP) and then add endorsements or riders for the additional areas of exposure.

Adding additional policies or creating a more comprehensive package might seem expensive, but investing in a financial backup plan is better than having to spend thousands trying to get out of a legal mess.

Does Your Insurer Help You Understand Your Clients?

Risk management is about a lot more than just the dollar value on your coverage. It’s also about understanding how your own behavior can impact the risks your business faces, from cash reserve decisions to your professional conversations with clients. When you work with an insurer who understands what you do, that can mean getting help in all those areas. Insurance professionals have a vested interest in helping clients keep their risks managed, after all. That means when you use knowledgeable, industry-specific insurers, you can count on them having everything from accounting tips that help you get the right background information and goal-setting discussions rolling with new clients to risk assessment and tax positioning questions that will help you quickly update information for your established regulars.

Liability Coverage for Accounting Professionals

More likely than not, it’s your professional liability insurer who will know your business best. That’s not a coincidence since the coverage needs to be tailored to the specific risks you take as an accounting professional. Finding the right insurance relationship means getting help with those professional habit-builders that can keep you ahead of the curve when it comes to anticipating client needs and avoiding the kinds of exposures to liability your policy protects you from. That, in turn, can help you present a lower risk profile, saving on future insurance needs. It’s a win-win when you have an insurer who wants to help you be the best professional you can be.

How to Get Along With Your Apartment Neighbors

breaking an apartment lease

Nothing is worse than having a neighbor you don’t like, especially when you share so many common areas in an apartment community. In many cases, there are ways to convince your neighbors to work with you and breaking an apartment lease should be your last resort. Here are some tips for coming to terms with your neighbors.

  1. The Noisy Neighbor

Unfortunately, you’re going to have to confront your neighbor to solve this issue. Being passive-aggressive may make the situation worse. People respond well to kindness, so before you speak to your neighbor take a deep breath. Look for some commonality you share with that person so you can strike up a conversation. Make your noise complaint secondary to the importance of getting to know them better. If they like you, they’ll be willing to work with you.

  1. The Trashy Neighbor

Everyone appreciates a clean environment, even the trashy neighbor. Lead by example. Show your neighbor how important a clean community is to you by voluntarily picking up trash outside. Ask other neighbors to join you regularly. This establishes pride in your apartment community.

  1. Be Understanding

It’s also up to you to be tolerant of neighbors who have different values. Be understanding of neighbors with pets and children or outside decor that doesn’t fit your tastes. Remember, variety is the spice of life.

Cleaning and Caring for Library Books

Regan Insurance Agency

Continuous Cleaning

Dust and materials that collect on books absorb moisture and make them more susceptible to corrosion. Source: Regan Insurance Agency. Every time a library book is returned, it is less clean than when it was checked out. It’s helpful to wipe down books as they are returned so it’s easy to quickly identify damage after each time it is borrowed and make sure it’s ready for the next borrower. Adopting a schedule and procedure for regularly cleaning library books is the most effective way to preserve the books’ condition over time.

Protection from Pests

Many types of small insects like silverfish will thrive in library books. They ingest the paper and burrow deep within the pores of the tops of every page. A small infestation can quickly spread throughout many books. In addition to chemical treatments, heat may be an option for treating infected books. Regular cleaning and dusting will help prevent infestations from growing by removing the material in which they are most likely to grow.

Preparation for Significant Damage

Properly caring for books requires being prepared for the unexpected. Libraries’ collections contain many unique and difficult to replace items. It’s imperative for libraries to maintain comprehensive insurance policies that provide coverage for their books in the event of a significant loss.

The 4 W’s of a Builder’s Risk Policy

Daniels Insurance Agency

Building a structure is not an overnight endeavor. Many things beyond the control of insured parties can occur. Builder’s risk insurance provides protection of the structure, tools, materials and equipment used from hazards such as theft, fire, natural disasters, and other perils.

  1. Who Needs It

The candidates for coverage are wide-ranging. These should be any stakeholder with a financial investment in the construction project, which includes but is not limited to the groups below.

  • General Contractors
  • Subcontractors
  • Landowners and homeowners
  • Developers
  • Custom home builders
  • Architects
  1. Why Have It

In simple terms, it provides different protection than a general liability policy. That typically shields the insured from injuries and harm that occurs as the result of unforeseen accidents, while this covers the loss of actual physical property.

  1. What Amount

According to, a typical coverage amount is for the contract price. However, any policy should consider the worth of the completed project, which may include other assessments beyond the contract value itself.

  1. When Covered

The policyholders need to have a clear understanding of when the coverage begins and ends. In most instances, the signed contract starts protection, though there could be specifics that restrict this date. There also needs to be knowledge of the expiration timeframe, as certain milestones or lapses in work can affect the insurance.

Three Fraud Risks Faced by Auto Dealerships

Auto Dealerships

The many moving pieces of auto dealerships put them in a vulnerable position for fraud. The increased risks they face make auto dealership liability insurance a must-have. These three fraud risks should be addressed by the company’s risk management strategy.

EFT Volume

Auto dealerships transfer a lot of money using electronic funds transfer. These instant money transfers happen multiple times every day as people buy and sell their vehicles. Even a wrong keystroke could cause the money to move into the wrong account. Most of these errors are irreversible putting the dealership at risk.

Internal Controls

An effective risk management strategy includes internal controls to provide checks and balances throughout the company. These controls can sometimes be overlooked or forgotten in the busyness of the day. However, it is crucial that staff realize the necessity of following the internal controls in place to minimize fraud.

Multiplied Risk

Most auto dealerships consist of a variety of parts from new cars to service bays. Each piece adds risk to the company. As seen on, you need to protect everything in the business from inventory to service areas to the showroom floor.

These are only three fraud risks auto dealerships face. Each risk increases auto dealership liability. The right insurance portfolio addresses these risks and works with your risk management strategy to protect the business.

NEMT Insurance 101

non emergency medical transportation insurance

Non emergency medical transportation companies provide a vital service to the elderly, disabled and others who require the service. These services offer transportation for those who cannot ride fixed-route transportation or may need help going to and from medical appointments. In all businesses there are risks, but non emergency medical transportation insurance offers specialized coverages that tailor to your business. Here is what you need to know.

Basic Insurance Coverages

In the NEMT business, there are a few common coverages that most companies should look for. These coverages include:

Professional liability
General liability
Cyber liability
Employment practices liability
Commercial auto

While there may be other policies that would benefit your business, these are the ones that you don’t want to be caught without.

Basic Insurance Process

As you shop for insurance, it’s important to look out for the policies that will suit your business the most. In addition, make sure that you pay attention to cost and exclusions. For instance, exclusions are anything that the carrier will not cover. For instance, many have exclusions that will not cover you if your company faces a sexual harassment lawsuit.

When it comes to your NEMT business, you have to have the proper protection for your business to thrive. Non emergency medical transportation insurance is a collection of policies designed to help NEMT companies.

Two Key Liability Coverages To Keep Your Staffing Firm Protected

staffing agency insurance

Having the right staffing agency insurance is critical to your success and peace of mind. With your actions impacting both your contractors and clients (and vice versa) you want to make sure all your bases are covered in case something goes wrong. In terms of liability insurance, here are two of the top coverages that you should plan to include in your policy.

General Liability

General liability is one of the most popular forms of business insurance for any industry because it protects against many of the everyday issues that come up when running a business. For staffing firms, it offers protection for lawsuits arising from injuries on your premises to claims of copyright infringement. No matter the reason, your policy will cover any expenses related to a lawsuit.

Professional Liability

As a staffing agency, it’s possible for the contractor you hire and your client to be unsatisfied with your performance. The client may be unhappy with your inability to fulfill your contract and the contractor may feel misled about the role you hired them into. In either case, your policy will be there to cover your expenses should a lawsuit be filed.

There are several other forms of liability coverage needed to round out your staffing agency insurance policy. Working with an experienced agent can ensure that you can create a policy that’s just right for you.

A Marketing Company Insurance Agents Trust

neilson marketing services

A Marketing Company Insurance Agents Trust

Insurance agents need marketing services from people who understand the industry inside and out. Neilson Marketing Services offers insurance marketing techniques and methods based on a combined 55 years of experience in the insurance industry and is the perfect solution to your insurance marketing needs.

Tailored Services

The team of specialist means the services can be expertly tailored to your insurance agency. The following list is some of the services you can choose from:

Website design

SEO strategies

Content marketing

Social media marketing

Drip campaign marketing


There are also offline marketing strategies such as branding, direct mail marketing, white papers and case studies. This way, you can have a fully functional and dynamic marketing strategy that reflects your brand and encompasses both online and offline features.

Exceptional Benefits

Working with experts means you receive amazing benefits. This goes beyond the services provided and have a well-rounded marketing plan. The other benefits you can take advantage of include the following:

Increase your online presence

Build relationships

Engage with customers

Boost your search ranking

A Company Focused on You

Neilson Marketing Services is proud to serve the insurance industry and provide expertly tailored marketing strategies to help increase a brand’s presence and boost sales. You can watch your business grow and thrive with a marketing plan that is specific to your industry and your business.