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Cleaning and Caring for Library Books

Continuous Cleaning

Dust and materials that collect on books absorb moisture and make them more susceptible to corrosion. Source: Regan Insurance Agency. Every time a library book is returned, it is less clean than when it was checked out. It’s helpful to wipe down books as they are returned so it’s easy to quickly identify damage after each time it is borrowed and make sure it’s ready for the next borrower. Adopting a schedule and procedure for regularly cleaning library books is the most effective way to preserve the books’ condition over time.

Protection from Pests

Many types of small insects like silverfish will thrive in library books. They ingest the paper and burrow deep within the pores of the tops of every page. A small infestation can quickly spread throughout many books. In addition to chemical treatments, heat may be an option for treating infected books. Regular cleaning and dusting will help prevent infestations from growing by removing the material in which they are most likely to grow.

Preparation for Significant Damage

Properly caring for books requires being prepared for the unexpected. Libraries’ collections contain many unique and difficult to replace items. It’s imperative for libraries to maintain comprehensive insurance policies that provide coverage for their books in the event of a significant loss.