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Common Causes for Maritime Worker Injuries on Ships

Working on a seagoing vessel whether transporting cargo or commercially fishing entitles workers to maritime workers compensation insurance. Depending on the nature of their work, the risks for injury and even death may be higher on some vessels than others. Here are three common reasons maritime workers are injured.

Limited Visibility

Harsh weather such as fog and storms can limit visibility for the workers. This can lead to the vessel colliding with another object resulting in injuries. Or a worker can fail to see something on the deck of the ship and injure themselves.

Equipment Failure

Ships often have cranes and winches on board. When these equipment items fail, they can result in a worker being injured. Broken equipment can lead to falls whether onto the deck or overboard. Workers can also have their limbs caught in the various machinery on the vessel.

Repetitive Tasks

Operating a ship requires a lot of repetitive motions that over time can cause injuries to the neck, back, and shoulders. As seen on, workers compensation covers these injuries that occur on land while maritime employers liability covers these benefits while on the water.

Since ships work both on land and water, it is important for businesses to have both maritime workers compensation insurance and maritime employers liability. Protecting your employees helps you stay running efficiently.