Employee benefits liability insurance

Common Liabilities Staffing Agencies Face Working With Temporary Workers

Unlike a traditional business, staffing firms often employee more temporary staff than full-time employees. Part of the industry is staffing employees for other companies on a temporary or contract basis. Employee benefits liability insurance is one way to protect the financial assets of the business in the event of a lawsuit.


Your employees often work at other businesses. The staffing firm can be on the hook if an employee steals from your client. Ensure the policy includes property in transit as well at third-party locations.


A general liability policy covers property damage and bodily injury on your property. Make sure you have a rider to cover damages or injury caused by your temporary employee.


Staffing firms need additional coverage for errors and omissions by staff once they’ve been permanently placed. Check for any exclusions in the policy for specific professions such as IT professionals.


Employees driving a client’s vehicle need additional coverage than provided by a commercial auto policy. Hired and non owned auto insurance offers additional needed coverage.

Protect your financial assets with employee benefits liability insurance as part of your insurance portfolio. The policy covers business negligence claims. Speak with your insurance agent to ensure you have the right coverage for your staffing business.