Cover Your Manufactured Goods

Manufacturing, in general, has many insurance requirements for employee, accident and general liability coverage. Manufacturers of marine parts and accessories need to make sure that their coverage lines up with the way their products will be used by their customers. Whether these parts are pivotal to the operation of a boat, yacht or lift, or they are for aesthetic appeal and comfort; insurance for property and liability coverages are an important addition to your standard operating and employee insurance. An experienced recreational marine insurance wholesaler can connect marine manufacturers with the right coverage for their product at the best possible price.

There are more than a half dozen insurance coverage types for marine manufacturers, so here is a look at three of the most important. Product retail insurance covers all products created in the manufacturing process and their uses by purchasing companies and clients. International insurance is very important if your products will be used over international waters or in any foreign countries, which is common with larger boats and yachts. Ocean cargo insurance covers international deliveries of your products. When you sign on with a recreational marine insurance wholesaler, you have an advocate for determining the right insurance providers to help you with coverage of these and other types.