Covering Your Bases

Everyone does their best to remain safe, even the adrenaline junkies (everyone knows your middle name is danger, that doesn’t make it a good pick-up line). But despite seatbelts, helmets, locks, and airbags, accidents do happen. While you can prepare for most things with various insurance coverages, specialty insurance is good for those extra little curve balls life can throw at you.

You may have health insurance, but what happens if you get hurt while backpacking in Europe (or skydiving, if you are one of the aforementioned adrenaline junkies)? Is that covered in your health insurance, or travelers insurance? You’ve protected your pets, but it looks like your vet only handles the “standard” animals and your sick iguana just doesn’t cut it. At times like these it’s good to make sure you have the correct coverage, and that may fall into the category of specialty insurance.

Not all insurance is the same (you’re not going to find a lot of flood coverage for home insurance in California), and it’s always a good idea to make sure you’re getting what you really need out of your insurance, be it covering that unique danger your property might face, or making sure your next ATV outing doesn’t end in a massive bill (for you or your ride). Keeping your bases covered with specialty insurance as needed is a good bet.