Professional Liability Insurance

Covering Your Design Firm with Professional Liability Insurance

Engineers and architects leverage years of training backed up by professional licenses to design the facilities and public infrastructure that form the backbone of modern society. From bridges to buildings to major utility systems and more, these facilities originate from the specifications and blueprints drafted and detailed by design firms like yours. Despite the rigorous design and QA/QC methods you employ, mistakes do happen. Errors and omissions or E&O in your construction plans can have serious consequences, so you need professional liability insurance to cover lawsuits and damages that may arise from these oversights.

Understanding Who Needs Professional Liability Coverage

The process from developing initial schematics to final details is one that involves several roles and includes many steps. Errors and/or omissions at any stage can result in major problems, especially after a facility is erected including injury, loss of life and costly redesign and/or corrective construction. You should strongly consider professional liability coverage to cover the work of the following positions:

  • Structural Engineers and Designers
  • Civil Engineers
  • Geotechnical Engineers
  • CADD Technicians and Drafting Professionals
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Safety Managers
  • Design-Build Consultants

Protecting the Future of Your Business

Whether you just need general civil engineer E&O Coverage or something that is specifically tailored for certain types of project delivery, it is important to have a plan in place. Many public owners require potential design consultants to maintain a certain level of professional liability insurance before entering into a contract. Protect your business with a complete insurance policy today.