dangerous dog insurance

Dangerous or Misunderstood?

Some breeds of dogs are thought to be more dangerous than other breeds. Some of these dangerous breeds include Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Huskies and German Shepherds. The reason they are labeled as dangerous is that the injuries they can inflict are much more serious than those of other breeds. It is not necessarily true that the breed is more likely to attack. Because of this label that they are dangerous, which may or may not be true, many insurance companies will not include coverage of them with your homeowner’s insurance. This leaves you to find a company that offers dangerous dog insurance.

Dogs that have been labeled as dangerous may be very gentle. But if a Rottweiler, who can weigh over 100 pounds, were to get provoked and jump on someone, more damage would be caused than if it had been a Schnauzer, which usually weighs less than 50 pounds. A dog’s behavior often has more to do with its training than with what breed it is. Insurance companies cannot come evaluate each individual dog’s behavior and training though, so this blanket of dangerous breeds has come into use.

Claims from dog related injures on average cost over $20,000. While dangerous dog insurance may seem to be discriminatory, it is important to have.