Liability Insurance

Do Electricians Need Liability Insurance?

Most electricians go for years with only an occasional mild shock, but all realize the potential for serious work-related injuries. Electricians also impose certain risks on their clients, and require insurance to deal with the potential for legal and financial problems that can ensue. Here are two types of liability insurance for electricians and what they cover.

General Liability

General liability covers any mishaps that might occur with the public, such as people tripping over a piece of your equipment and injuring themselves or claiming that you infringed on their copyright. These situations occur more often than you would think, and a little bit of coverage goes a long way toward protecting you from the costs of medical bills or even a lawsuit.

Professional Liability

Professional liability is a financial safety net for all the things that could go wrong with electrical wiring. From clients receiving electrical shocks to homes burning down, a multitude of potential claims exist. Even if you did nothing wrong, having insurance guarantees that you will have some financial resources to pay for damaged property or court fees involved in defending yourself.

Besides liability, there are other types of insurance policies available to electricians. Be sure to talk with your insurance agent to find the ones that fit your professional situation.