Does the United States Longshore Harbor Act Apply To Your Business?

Understanding the unique needs of your industry is crucial when it comes to finding the best insurance policy. For businesses operating within a certain distance from large bodies of water, it may be important for you to understand the USL&H Act. Put into place by the government, the United States Longshore & Harbor Act is a mandatory form of coverage for certain businesses.

Required Areas

Knowing whether or not your business is required to have this type of insurance comes down to the exact nature of your work. Certain businesses need to have proof of this policy in order to stay operational, which is why you need to have a clear understanding of the requirements. According to www.merrimacins.com/, businesses that need this coverage include:

Ship repair companies
Marinas and boat dealers
Yacht clubs

Exceptions and Considerations

There are also some exceptions to be aware of. This act does not apply to companies that center around recreational activities. For example, a children’s camp with boating equipment is not required to have this coverage. Small vessels are also exempt from this insurance coverage. If you’re unsure, look into the exact requirements of your state to understand whether or not your business needs this insurance.
To keep your business operational, you need to make sure you are following insurance regulations. Discover whether or not you need USL&H and find the unique protection your business needs.