commercial transportation insurance

Don’t Get Caught with a Hole in Your Trucking Liability Coverage

Independent truckers and small trucking companies understand the necessity of an automobile policy that provides coverage for damages and injuries caused by the operation of the truck. Indeed, it is impossible to obtain a commercial license without such insurance.

All too often, however, small trucking concerns discover the hard way that auto liability isn’t the only form of commercial transportation insurance they need. General trucking liability offers broad-based coverage that protects truckers from claims of property damage or injuries caused as a direct result of business activities not involving the actual operation of the vehicle.

Common Scenarios

Still don’t understand the need for such a policy? Here are a few of the more common scenarios that are covered only by general liability insurance:

  • Delivery of damaged cargo that results in property damage or injury after being unloaded
  • Injury to a client or third party visiting the business premises
  • Actions of a company employee in locations such as a loading depot or a truck stop
  • Negligence when hiring drivers (failure to fully vet during employment process)
  • Inadvertent use of a trademarked logo in a company ad

These are just a few of the instances that would be covered by this form of commercial transportation insurance. Coverage includes payment of property damages and medical expenses, as well as applicable legal fees and judgments.

Don’t wait to learn the hard way the value of a comprehensive insurance package. Consult an experienced agent today.