Company`s Injury Coverage

Expanding Your Company`s Injury Coverage

Federal and state governments have mandated certain injury coverage for employers, but there are some categories of workers who may not be covered by these laws. In addition to carrying a standard workers compensation policy, employers need to consider protecting the company from lawsuits when injuries occur beyond the scope of legal requirements.

Expanding Insurance Coverage

With voluntary workers insurance, your company can alleviate the additional burden of legal action if one of your employees is injured or takes ill when working outside the parameters of your standards workers comp plan. Though this policy could be effective in insuring against losses associated with casual workers or independent contractors for your company, it can also be used to insure employees who are working overseas and out of reach of domestic workers comp coverage.

Expanding Company Protection

Paying for medical bills is just one part of the financial toll an employee accident can have on your company. Paying for the legal battle that ensues could cost you tens of thousands of dollars. Expanding your policy to add an endorsement for voluntary workers coverage takes care of the financial needs an accident may create. There are specific criteria that injuries must meet, and a specific group of workers must be included during the underwriting process for the coverage to be effective.

Don`t take chances with your company`s finances and your employee`s health and safety. Extend your workers comp coverage to include a voluntary workers insurance endorsement.