business insurance, Henry County

Forms of Coverage Best for Henry County, Virginia Businesses

Located in southern Virginia, Henry County is full of industries growing each day with new businesses. These industries include the auto, agriculture, in particular wine and beer cultivation, hospitality and residential complexes. With the right business insurance, Henry County businesses can see to it that these industries flourish while keeping their employees happy.

Based on the business sector and the amount of employees among other factors, businesses located in Henry County, Virginia should decide carefully what type of business insurance best suits their operational needs. Business insurance such as commercial general liability, product liability and business income insurance are some forms of coverage meant to allow businesses to continue operating.

Commercial General Liability

Perhaps the most vital business insurance Henry County businesses should consider purchasing is commercial general liability. This coverage is a must if a business wants to avoid a lawsuit filed by a customer or employee that becomes injured on a business’ property.

Product Liability

Should anything go awry with a product, businesses can receive protection with product liability insurance. It includes coverage for edible products as well as retail items in case anything requires a recall.

Business Income Coverage

Lastly, business income insurance protects Henry County businesses in the event of profit losses. A loss in profits may depend on the insurance company, but coverage can be provided should a natural disaster occur or other emergency situations that impede a business from running.