Get Specialized Hospitality Insurance

Customer service defines the hospitality industry. From creating a venue that feels comfortable to your clientele to providing high quality food and entertainment, you set your establishment apart with exceptional service. When shopping for insurance coverage, you should seek a specialized company that understands your industry and offers exceptional customer service. RMS Hospitality is that company.

Whatever your venue, from comedy club to family restaurant, you need general liability insurance and excess liability insurance. If you arent covered appropriately, a slip-and-fall claim could cost you your business. Good hospitality insurance includes fraud protection. Unfortunately, some unscrupulous people could try to take advantage of you to get an unwarranted damage award. An insurance company with hospitality industry experience will vet claims for indications of fraud.

Do you know your restaurant or club needs products and completed operations insurance? While it may sound more appropriate for a manufacturer, it will protect you in case a customer experiences something like food poisoning.

Along with the right insurance, you want an agency that uses the highest rated insurance underwriters. Hopefully you never experience a claim, but you want your insurance to be there just in case.

Your business grows by providing quality, specialized service. RMS Hospitality has the insurance you need to protect your assets.