insurance in Delaware

Guide to Personal and Business Insurance and Bonds

When thinking about insurance in Delaware, it’s important to think of both individual and business needs. You want to protect your personal assets along with ensuring your business is safeguarded. Another type of product that business owners might be interested in is bonds. Let’s talk about each one in turn.

First, personal insurance can insure cars, houses, personal possessions, life and health. Some lines of coverage pay to rebuild property or replace lost belongings in the event of disasters. These disasters can be natural, such as from windstorms or hail, or accidental, such as fire or burst pipes. Personal insurance is especially important to protect valuable assets such as musical instruments, jewelry or fine art.

Second, business insurance often covers a wide range of products from the business to its operations. One product you may find useful is commercial auto, which could cover bodily image and property damage, non-collision and collision damage, and uninsured and under insured motorists. A commercial auto policy can insure drivers of company and personal cars who are driving on behalf of the company.

Lastly, bonds are a way for a business to raise capital from investors. Think of bonds as IOUs. They are a debt obligation, but one where money is lent for a specific period of time. When you’re considering insurance in Delaware, consider all your personal and business insurance needs, while also knowing that there also can be support for business owners interested in bonds.