Professional Liability Insurance

How Do I Cover Subcontractor Liability?

The construction industry features a variety of specialized tasks that come with specific risks. The general contractor uses various subcontractors to complete a project. The question often asked is: Are subcontractors covered under contractors’ insurance?


The experts at Huntersure state an accident caused by a subcontractor working on your project may not be covered under the contractor’s professional or general liability policy. Accidents can lead to body injuries and property damage. While the client may sue the subcontractor to recover the financial loss, they could also sue the general contractor for damages. Requiring subcontractors to carry their own liability insurance can help mitigate risks.


A job site has lots of moving pieces leaving room for mistakes to happen. Without an errors and omissions policy or professional liability policy, the contractor may be on the hook for those mistakes. Unfortunately, mistakes may not show up for several months after the job completes. This means that a client may not sue until down the line. Insurance steps in to help cover a lawsuit as long as both the contractor and subcontractor have a policy.

The answer to the question are subcontractors covered under the contractor’s insurance is no. There may be some instances where the subcontractor may have limited coverage, but generally, the subcontractor should have their own liability insurance policies in place.