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How Ethical Decisions Dictate Nursing Home Policies

When you are charged with caring for an elderly patient, it can be important to consider your insurance coverage. Whether you are a home caregiver or an employee at a nursing home, understanding your current policy can make a difference when it comes to your future. Understanding the ethical guidelines of your industry such as practicing non-maleficence in nursing homes can be important to your overall success.

Key Principles

As reported by the experts at Manchester Specialty Insurance, there are key principles when it comes to the ethics guiding nursing homes. Non-Maleficence, for example, is the principle-centered around doing no harm to patients. This includes resisting the urge to use excessive force when a patient is being unruly or difficult. A failure to follow these principles can put you in violation of your code of conduct and have insurance ramifications. Additional ethical principles include:

  • Justice, or fairness, in making medical decisions
  • Benefiting the patient in all ways
  • A patient’s right to autonomy

Local and Federal Laws

Understanding federal and local regulations can be a great help when it comes to understanding your insurance policy. Where you work will play a big part in what regulations you are expected to follow.

Doing what’s best for the patients in your care begins with understanding your coverage. Look into your options to ensure you are covered in the right scenarios.