How the Container Security Initiative Protects Shipping Ports

When the Ever Given lodged itself in the Suez Canal and cut off supply lines, it became clear how vital container shipping is to the global economy. Container security initiative locations strive to provide safe, secure shipping and ports to protect the economic infrastructure of nations worldwide.

What is CSI?

The container security initiative, or CSI, is designed to combat economic terrorism and other vulnerabilities in the international shipping system. Container shipping is vital. It comprises 90% of trade transport between nations. Though initially begun by the US Department of Homeland Security, CSI has become a global effort to ensure ships are kept safe from pirates and other terrorist organizations. It also pre-screens containers at point of departure, limiting tampering via special detection technology.

Who is Involved in CSI?

As of 2006, the most recent year for which data was available, 58 foreign ports participated in the initiative. These ports account for 85 percent of shipping traffic coming to the United States.

The initiative was originally designed to improve security at the US’s borders. However, it also strengthens security in every participating foreign port, thus strengthening the shipping industry worldwide.

With container shipping so elemental to the success of the global economy, it makes sense to have a robust security system in place.