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How to Chose the Right Social Media Marketing Firm

When making an online purchase, 46 percent of the public cites social media as a factor in their decision. For insurance agencies looking to increase their customer base, an effective social media plan should be of utmost consideration. Effectively managing your brand on social media can take a specialized skill set. This is why insurance digital marketing strategies often make use of outside marketing services.

Pertinent Factors

Social networking is now the most popular form of internet usage, so relying on marketing professionals to curate your social content, engage with other users and integrate social platforms into your website should be an easy decision. The question becomes how do you choose a firm that will best represent your insurance agency. Here are some factors to consider. A reliable marketing company should be able to do the following:

  • The ability to manage content across multiple social media channels
  • Conduct market analysis on demographics for use in targeted advertising
  • Create a customized social media profile in line with brand identity
  • Expertly write content relevant to those seeking insurance-related products

Measuring Success

An insurance digital marketing firm should be able to reliably show results through analytics. These shouldn’t just be generic numbers, but rather they should line up with your business goals. Is your agency seeking awareness, conversion, leads or sales? The way a marketing firm is able to handle those goals should be the top consideration.

A majority of small and medium businesses say they have earned new customers from social media campaigns. By effectively managing these campaigns with the proper third party firm, you have the potential to join this group.