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How To Deter Crime on a Commercial Property

High crime areas not only impact the ability to maintain tenants on your commercial property but can have a negative impact on your commercial real estate insurance premium. Here are some tips to deter crime.


The value of good lighting cannot be understated when it comes to deterring crime. Many criminals strike at night when visibility is limited. If you can’t see them, it’s harder to catch them. A well-lit parking lot and building don’t make for an easy target.


With all the security systems available, you are bound to find one for your building and your budget. Ideally, the security system has an alarm system and cameras. The system should contact the police or a monitoring service when someone breaks in through a door or window.


If the building really needs extra protection or houses expensive items, consider hiring a guard to patrol the building. Having a local cop routinely go through the property at unspecified times can also deter crime. If you like animals, a guard dog may be nice to have on the premises to deter criminals and alert you of their presence.

Working to prevent crime from happening on the property can lower your commercial real estate insurance rates. Not only that, but tenants are more likely to stay in the building if they know you’re protecting their property.