How To Write Effective Call-to-Actions for Insurance Websites

A call-to-action is a brief statement at the bottom of a web page that tells the reader what to do next. Omitting it can leave a potential customer confused about how to contact the seller, whereas a well-written one can dramatically increase conversion rates. Here are tips for writing effective call-to-actions for insurance websites.

Use Clear Language

Keeping it simple will lead to the best results, so don’t confuse potential customers with complicated wording. Use active command words such as click, call, or contact. Adding a word such as now or today is also a good strategy to prompt them to act.

Place it Strategically

Placing it at the bottom of an article or the top of a webpage is usually the best choice. When placed in the middle of the page, call-to-actions interrupt people’s concentration as they read blog posts. They are likely to simply skip over them and may forget where to click by the time they get to the end of the page.

By including a well-worded and concise call-to-action in a logical spot on your website, you help potential clients find what they are looking for. Doing so can avoid losing customers who do not have time to search for an insurance company’s contact information.