Group Vision Coverage

Including Group Vision Coverage in Your Benefits Plan

Some employers opt to omit vision coverage from their group benefits, but this extremely affordable line of coverage can mean a lot to your workforce. Here are some things that you should know about vision coverage.


You don’t have to get a plan that offers more than what your workforce needs. In fact, you can customize your group health plan vision coverage to strike the perfect balance between affordability and available benefits.


Depending on a vision plan’s carrier, you may have a very wide or significantly limited number of providers who your workforce can see to utilize their benefits. Before choosing a plan, you should verify whether there is a good number of providers who accept your plan in the area where your company is located.


Vision plans can offer more benefits than eye exams. In fact, a plan can help individuals to pay for the cost of eyeglasses and contacts.


Every year, the cost of eye care can be considerable. Some people forgo routine eye exams simply because of the expense. Having access to free exams will help ensure that this vital medical need isn’t overlooked.

Ultimately, your employees will truly appreciate having the option to participate in a group vision plan. This important benefit will help your workforce stay healthy and productive.