Protx Risk Management

Individualized Senior Living Facility Coverage

While many business owners and managers tend to look toward general insurance solutions, like a business plan with liability coverage, specialty insurance markets exist for a reason. When you are running a senior living facility like a nursing home or a hospice care center, knowing this and acting on it are two key ways to enhance your risk management plan with one simple move—taking your current coverage to a dedicated provider like Protx Risk Management, one that only works with your industry.

Advantages of Individualized Coverage

When you work with a carrier who specifically covers senior living facilities, you gain a few key benefits that simply do not exist with providers whose focus is split between the industries they cater to:

  • Excellent service from trained professionals that understand every aspect of your business.
  • Custom underwriting that takes into account your specific risks and obligations, and that still provides options that allow you to make the final determination about your balance of coverage.
  • Assistance identifying options and strategies designed to help you save while operating more safely by controlling your risks.


When you need senior living facility insurance, there’s no better option than dedicated specialists like Protx Risk Management, whose single-focus service allows them to best predict the needs of your facility by knowing one industry inside and out.