home insurance in Los Angeles

Insurance for Mobile Homes, Vacation Homes and Houseboats

Most people have heard of renters or single-family home insurance, but coverage policies can also be obtained that extend protection to your vacation property, house boats, and mobile homes. For those looking for this type of home insurance in Los Angeles, you ought to know your property value before you seek a policy for the following reasons:

Nature can strike at your vacation or mobile home with forest fires, floods, or earthquakes. Should your property be damaged or destroyed, your insurance may not automatically cover the rebuilding costs of your home. To protect yourself, look into an add-on to your policy called an extended replacement cost endorsement. This will protect you if you ever need to rebuild.

Living on a houseboat may rock you to sleep at night, but if you purchase a blanket policy, there is a chance you will not be protected from the risks associated with living on the water. Also, do you need home insurance in Los Angeles, or are you further up the coast? Know the location of your slip before for you look for liability coverage or comprehensive hull damage protection. The location of your home can affect the type of coverage you need.

Property insurance can save you heartache from broken pipes, windstorms, or stormy seas, but it’s important to verify what type of home coverage you need before you purchase it. Seek a professional to help you make the correct choice.