marina insurance

Insurance Solutions for Marinas

If you operate a marina you probably know how important marina insurance can be. There are several programs you may be interested in to help cover your business. Here is some information about them.


Liability coverage can help in the event you or an employee is found at fault for an incident. Typically liability insurance covers medical costs and property damage. It may also cover legal fees depending on your policy.


If you charter or rent out equipment for private use you may want a plan to cover any risks associated. Charter insurance may cover clients, equipment, and any staff present for these events.

Sailing Training

Learning to use equipment safely is an important aspect for business operations. Training insurance can help cover the risks and costs associated with an incident that occurs while instructing inexperienced users on proper boat handling.

Facility and Member Property Coverage

Property insurance is important whether it’s for your own facilities or the property of your clients that may be stored there. Facility and member property coverage plans can help in the event of vandalism or theft. Some plans may also include provisions for weather.

There are a variety of programs that can fall under marina insurance. These can include liability coverage, chartering, sailing instruction, facility coverage, and insurance for member property. Each of these types of coverage can be beneficial to your marina.