Legionella insurance

Insuring Against Legionnaires’ Outbreaks

Warmer temperatures across the globe provide fertile breeding ground for legionella, the waterborne bacteria causing Legionnaires’ disease. Breakouts of Legionnaires’ disease are at an all-time high. Historically, standard insurance policy restrictions could exclude a primary risk like legionella. Is your business properly covered or are has this risk been overlooked or underestimated? Legionella insurance can protect your assets should your business become involved in Legionnaires’ disease claims.

Since Legionnaires is contracted through exposure to the legionella bacteria and not from another person, cases are becoming common. Legionella bacteria may lurk in cooling towers, water systems, plumbing, spas and fountains. With a mortality rate of up to 12%, incidences of Legionnaires disease can make big headlines in the media. These high profile lawsuits can bring catastrophic financial and reputational damage to the underinsured due to the life threatening nature of the disease.

Businesses today operate in a highly litigious environment. Additionally, with the uptick in instances of Legionnaires’, regulatory action and scrutiny regarding legionella and Legionnaires’ disease is increasing. Ignoring the risk of legionella isn’t an option. It is important to implement control measures to minimize legionella in systems and other water sources where the bacterium grows. Legionella insurance is essential to protect your business in the event of a Legionnaire’s claim.