Water Treatment Insurance

Liabilities Covered by Canada Water Treatment Insurance

Mistakes affecting a municipal water supply can have serious consequences. Luckily, Canada water treatment insurance exists to mitigate the many risks that face this type of utility. Here are a few of the liability coverages included in most policies.


If people become sick as a result of polluted water, the medical and legal expenses can be enormous. Water treatment insurance protects the company by covering these costs. Read the fine print to be sure the following common pollutants are not excluded from your policy:

  • Bacteria
  • Heavy metals
  • Radon gas

Errors and Omissions

Also known as professional liability, this type of policy protects you in the event that an employee at the water treatment facility makes a mistake. Small mistakes are easily overlooked, but others can affect the drinking water of thousands of people, and potentially cause injury.

Products and Completed Operations

Water travels far from its source, so coverage of products and completed operations is essential. Water is the product supplied, and the many pipes, filters, and aeration tanks are some of the completed operations.

When you are in charge of a water treatment plant, thousands of people depend on it running smoothly day after day. Having an adequate insurance policy is one way to keep the taps flowing.