Insurance for Bergen County

Local Providers Know Best

At times, it seems society promotes a culture of fear, with regard to legal liabilities and devastating lawsuits. With a rise in what numerous people consider frivolous claims, many individuals attempt to proactively address their liability with insurance coverage. While government agencies have a role in certain coverage requirements, obtaining insurance for Bergen County residents is more of a personal choice.
Automobile coverage is a common requirement for drivers all across the United States. Many banks refuse to offer a loan unless some manner of full coverage is taken out on the vehicle for which they hold the title. This generally includes:

Comprehensive and Collision
Uninsured Motorists
Medical Coverage

State laws take this a bit further by setting requirements for the coverage amounts and application in the event of an accident. An agent specializing in insurance for Bergen County will be familiar with any statutes requiring insurance and the terms of coverage needed to remain compliant.
There are also differences in the insurance needs of residential and commercial accounts. While state law may not require a specified amount in property coverage, workers’ compensations plan must be offered in accordance with mandated terms. Working with a broker will be the best way to offensively address potential concerns for either your business or residential needs and avoid a financial disaster in the event of an incident.