California marina insurance

Make Sure Your Regatta Is Properly Insured

Whether you own or run a marina in California, it’s a great way to meet boaters from all walks of life. Marinas tend to serve as focal points for the local boating community, but this brings with it risks and responsibilities. California marina insurance provides your marina with the coverage it needs to safeguard itself from any legal liability arising from accidents or illegal activities taking place at your marina. Marina insurance covers a wide range of items that can result in judgments, settlements and damages against your marina, potentially driving your business into bankruptcy.

The regatta your marina is planning for next year is going to bring together the sailing community, but without the proper regatta liability insurance, it could be a legal disaster for your marina. This is just one of the types of California marina insurance coverage you need before hosting your regatta. Some of the other coverages your marina insurance should include for a regatta include protections for member property, your facility and grounds and race management errors and omissions.

Smart marinas review their insurance policy with a marina insurance specialist before hosting major events, such as a regatta. When you do this as part of your marina’s annual insurance policy review, you’re taking an important step towards keeping your marina and its staff safe.