Make Your Agency’s Website Work for Users

It’s not hard to build a good website if you look through the eyes of your prospective visitors. Serving the needs of potential customers should be the organizing principle for your insurance agency’s website.

A User-Focused Agency Site

Here are some tips for keeping making your agency’s site useful and welcoming for visitors:

  1. Understanding what visitors to your site are likely to be searching for is the key to building an insurance agency website. Nobody goes to an insurance agency website for entertainment. Your visitors are looking for specific information and hope to find it quickly.
  2. The site’s navigation menu should make it easy for visitors to know where to go to find what they want. Drop-down menus mean that navigation no longer takes up valuable space on the page, so don’t be afraid to add more links to specific pages, rather than just few categories.
  3. Images and graphics should reinforce your brand, but they must also help point users in the right directions. This means images that clearly depict the types of insurance your visitors are seeking, like cars for car insurance or an older couple to represent life insurance.
  4. Links to promotional elements, like positive reviews or social media feeds, should be visible but not dominant on your home page. These are things your potential clients may care about, but they likely did not come to your site looking primarily for those things.