Make Your Insurance Agency Website as Appealing as Possible

Like most industries, how we buy and sell insurance has changed substantially throughout the last two decades. Tasks that once involved face-to-face meetings with insurance agents have largely been replaced by online interactions, to the point that 85 percent of today’s consumers now say they research or purchase their personal and business insurance premiums online. Just as consumer shopping preferences have changed, so have the effective methods of insurance agency marketing. With so many insurance customers now seeking answers on the internet, streamlining your agency website and enhancing its overall degree of user-friendliness have never been more critical.

Tips for Enhancing the Online Consumer Experience

Getting potential customers to visit your insurance agency site is one thing. Getting them to stay there and actually become a customer is another. To maximize the effectiveness of your site and make it as accessible and helpful as possible for everyone, utilize these key tips:

  • Utilize keywords and hyperlinks to other pages of your site to maximize traffic.
  • Establish a cohesive social media marketing strategy and link to all social media channels on your website.
  • Establish connections with trusted and reliable organizations in your area, like those responsible for collecting client reviews. Highlight these connections (with permission, of course) to enhance consumer trust in your company.

You may have the most helpful and knowledgeable insurance professionals in the business on your team, but if potential consumers aren’t spending enough time on your website, it’s highly unlikely you’ll be able to convert them to customers. Making your website as appealing as possible is absolutely critical when it comes to effective insurance agency marketing.