Making a Cargo Claim

Having insurance for your cargo is a wise decision, but when you need to make a claim, you have to ensure that you follow the cargo claims information provided by your insurance company. Getting the right evidence and documentation for your loss ensures quick and complete reimbursement to let you get on with business.

First, document your loss. Take pictures, if you can. You want to get your cargo to safety as soon as possible and prevent further damages. Make sure you know what your insurance policy requires you to do. The Sue and Labor Clause requires you to make reasonable measures against more loss from insured perils. Preserve your packing materials and the damaged goods.

Notify your insurance company. Your agent will help you follow the right protocol and get the correct information to make a claim. You will need to contact a surveyor to make the assessments of the damage. The insurance company has a list of independent agents who can handle this aspect of your claim. Work with your agent to make sure an agent is necessary to complete the claim.

Get the right cargo claims information from your agent if you need to make a claim. There are statutes of limitation on making a claim, so read your policy and understand what to do in the event of a loss. Make copies of all documents that you send to your agent and insurance company. Get the most out of your policy if you have to make a claim.