Marine Manufacturing and USLH Compliance

The federal government has special requirements for employers operating in the marine industry. This United States Longshore & Harbor Act, better known as USL&H, is the body defining those requirements for employers who work on waterways. Insurance that covers shipbuilders and boat dealers are offered to companies that comply with USL&H for marine manufacturers.

Is My Company Required To Comply With USL&H?

If your company deals with the waters recreationally or otherwise, then yes, you should look into the law and regulations around USL&H. The federal government is one thing, then there are state regulations your business needs to look into. Marinas and boat dealers are among the types of businesses that need to have strict compliance with these rules.

Insurance For USL&H Compliant Businesses

Employees that work for marine companies are at high risk for injury, or loss of life. This is why the federal government stepped in to protect longshoremen and shipbuilding employees. Really, USL&H is much like workers’ compensation for land-based labor workers, but it has some unique stipulations for the marine environment.

If your company works on the waterway and has employees, then there are risks that need to be protected. An insurance specialist with experience in the marine industry can find a policy that works for your company.