non emergency medical transportation insurance

NEMT Insurance 101

Non emergency medical transportation companies provide a vital service to the elderly, disabled and others who require the service. These services offer transportation for those who cannot ride fixed-route transportation or may need help going to and from medical appointments. In all businesses there are risks, but non emergency medical transportation insurance offers specialized coverages that tailor to your business. Here is what you need to know.

Basic Insurance Coverages

In the NEMT business, there are a few common coverages that most companies should look for. These coverages include:

Professional liability
General liability
Cyber liability
Employment practices liability
Commercial auto

While there may be other policies that would benefit your business, these are the ones that you don’t want to be caught without.

Basic Insurance Process

As you shop for insurance, it’s important to look out for the policies that will suit your business the most. In addition, make sure that you pay attention to cost and exclusions. For instance, exclusions are anything that the carrier will not cover. For instance, many have exclusions that will not cover you if your company faces a sexual harassment lawsuit.

When it comes to your NEMT business, you have to have the proper protection for your business to thrive. Non emergency medical transportation insurance is a collection of policies designed to help NEMT companies.