Non Profit Organizations That Need Insurance

Nonprofit organizations provide many important services for our communities, ranging from advocating for the arts to feeding the hungry. However, things can go wrong even for charitable groups, and having insurance is absolutely critical. There are many different entities and social services that might need insurance for non profit organization.


Serving Children


First of all, those that serve youth and children should have insurance against accidents, lawsuits, crime, and other disasters. These might include after-school programs, education initiatives, nutrition programs, YMCAs and YWCAs, youth mentoring programs, shelters, orphanages, adoption agencies, and crisis intervention programs. Schools can also benefit, such as preschools, special needs schools, and education programs for troubled youth.


Helping Adults


Nonprofits that serve adults are important too, and they also need coverage against disaster. These might include job training programs, services for the homeless, care for senior citizens such as hospice or meals, fund raising organizations, thrift stores, domestic and sexual violence shelters, counseling services, and medical care providers. Organizations that serve those with special needs, like group homes or vocational trainers, should also be insured. Even organizations like educational programs, crisis hotlines, or advocacy groups should have insurance to ensure they can keep serving the public.


Not for profit organizations play an integral role in our communities, and that’s why it’s so important that they are protected from disaster. Insurance for non profit organization is an absolute must.