Risk Management

Planning Risk Management for Marinas

Detailed policies and procedures are a vital part of running a marina. Comprehensive insurance coverage and sound risk management for marinas are crucial to protect you from exposures and liabilities. When creating a plan, address critical areas where possible safety threats might occur.


Ongoing, scheduled maintenance for the marina is crucial. Secure and fasten cleats and tighten screws and nails regularly. Inspect and replace dock planks, electrical cords, machinery and other items as needed. Check power terminals to ensure proper grounding and water pressure to maintain correct levels. Keep safety signs visible and in good condition.

Natural Disasters

Employ qualified, experienced marine engineers and contractors for any construction or renovation of the docks or facilities.

Environmental Risks

Include strategies for the risk management for marinas to control environmental issues like pollution by complying with relevant laws. Educate marina personnel about petroleum control, stormwater runoff control, liquid material management and shoreline stabilization.


Obtain adequate marina insurance. Use a professional agent with experience in marinas to help assess your coverage requirements. Minimize accidents and mitigate related expenses or losses with practical strategies and proper coverage.


A knowledgeable marina insurance agent helps you find a policy that covers:

  • Real and Personal Property
  • Piers, Wharves and Docks
  • Marina Operators Legal Liability
  • Pollution

Risk management for marinas is essential to maintain a safe, enjoyable space for both employees and clients.