Financial Guaranty Insurance Brokers 

Protect Your Customers and Yourself With Financial Guaranty Insurance

From theft to fraud and from property damage to environmental hazards, financial institutions face more risks than any other type of organization. While business disruptions are inconvenient for most businesses, for financial institutions, they could result in huge monetary losses or even business closure. To safeguard your institution, employees, customers, and assets from potential risks, work with Financial Guaranty Insurance Brokers to identify key exposures and implement strategies to mitigate risk.

What Does FGIB Cover?

FGIB provides specialized insurance coverage to financial institutions and financial tech companies alike. Their goal is to help safeguard your assets and your reputation in the event that a crime, fraud, natural disaster or anything in between should disrupt your business operations. To protect you from unwanted disruptions, their agency provides the following types of coverage:

  • General Liability
  • Commercial Property
  • Earthquake
  • Environmental Liability
  • Business Interruption

They even provide workers’ compensation coverage, which is aimed at protecting both your employees and your company from accidents, injuries, and illnesses that occur on the job and that threaten the daily operations.

When it comes to your financial institution, you cannot afford to take risks. A lot is at stake—not just your own assets, but the assets of your customers and stakeholders as well. Financial Guaranty Insurance Brokers dedicates their time and services to help financial institutions like yours safeguard their assets and their reputation.