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Protect Your Marina With the Best Coverage

Running a marina can be a fun and rewarding experience. Of course, to keep your business successful it is important that you focus on protecting your company. A business that specializes in renting jet skis and other personal watercraft will need to take extra steps in order to find appropriate insurance coverage. Whether you own a yacht club or a dock, proper jet ski insurance will make all the difference for your company’s future.

Specific to Your Industry

The experts at Merrimac Marine Insurance have reported that there are often a number of factors involves insuring an establishment that specializes in the renting of personal watercraft. A business of this nature might rent out jet skis as well as house a restaurant, provide space for boats to dock, and a number of other services. This means that you need a comprehensive type of insurance that will cover all aspects of your company’s operations. Common areas to look at with insurance include:

  • Hull coverage
  • General liability
  • Watercraft coverage

Avoid Fines and Fees

Because some of your business is conducted on navigable waters, you must also adhere to a number of strict regulations. Proper insurance will keep your company covered in an array of industry-specific situations.

Finding appropriate coverage for your business is a must. Explore policies geared toward your type of work and it can make a huge difference toward your future.