wholesale transportation auto liability insurance

Protect Your Vehicles and Cargo in Transit

Wholesalers and distributors have a variety of private belongings under their care. These businesses need to keep their own commercial vehicles in repair and distributed goods safe. If an accident were to occur on the road involving one of your commercial vehicles as part of your wholesale business, this could likely lead to significant financial loss due to damage done to the truck, transported goods, surrounding vehicles and possibly the people involved. Acquiring wholesale transportation auto liability insurance, however, can cover the cost of repairs, replacements, medical bills, etc. so as to not financially damage your business.

Auto and Property Liability

Most insurance companies for automobiles cover the costs of repairs should vehicles be damaged while on the road. This, of course, can be expensive out-of-pocket, so finding wholesale transportation auto liability insurance can protect your business from covering it all on its own.

Motor Truck Cargo Liability

If an accident takes place on the road while transporting goods, this can cause a mess—both literally and figuratively. Whatever has been put under your care will likely be damaged and unusable, and handling a great deal of product requires extensive cleanup. In some cases, such as oil transportation, it can even cause pollution. Wholesale transportation auto liability insurance can cover the costs of the damaged goods and removal.