Protecting Yourself as a New Dentist: The How’s and Why’s

Dental schools don’t often spend much time teaching students the basics of dental insurance, but in an economy permeated with employment regulations and employee/business owner requirements it’s important to learn as much as you can. With daily risks and liabilities that are harmful to a dental practice, it’s essential for new dentists to consider coverage like dentists medical liability insurance. Here are a few more types of coverage every new dentist should consider.


Worker’s Compensation


If you are an owner or part-owner of a dental practice, then you should have worker’s compensation insurance. It is a requirement in all 50 states and provides financial coverage to your employees if they suffer from an injury as a result of performing their job requirements at your dental practice.


Medical Liability


Dentists medical liability insurance is a must for new dental practices. There are two different kinds of liability insurance to consider; claims-made and occurrence. Both provide good protection and coverage, but you should speak to a professional insurance agent to determine which one is better suited for your particular practice.


Disability Insurance


You may have already acquired a disability insurance plan while you were in dental school, but if not, it’s important to secure a policy as soon as possible. These plans protect against loss from a disabling injury or illness.


Dentists medical liability insurance is imperative for new dentists. There are so many regulations and unforeseen accidents, injuries or illnesses that can jeopardize a professional practice. It’s important to speak with an experienced insurance agent about ways to provide protection for yourself, your employees and your practice.