Restaurants and Public Venues Need Specialized Insurance

Successful restaurant owners work hard because they care about their businesses and love what they do. If you are the proprietor of an eatery, your responsibilities as the “parent” of this business include protecting your investment in it from lawsuits. Establishments opening their doors to the public face an array of possible dangers, and you, as owner, must anticipate and manage those threats. A comprehensive liability package from RMS Insurance can help you do this because it looks after your interests from many different angles.

Whether your eating place is a comfortable family-style cafi or specializes in sophisticated fine dining, potential hazards come from many sources. Scenarios range from slip-and-falls to valet parking mishaps to food-borne sickness and even physical violence. Many employees at RMS Insurance have experience in the restaurant and hospitality industry and can help you predict risks and then ensure that your assets are properly protected. Eating places are not the only hospitality-related businesses that need far-ranging liability coverage. Bars and pubs, night clubs, comedy clubs, jazz clubs, and live music venues all must consider how best to shield themselves from legal claims and perils to structural integrity such as fires and leaking pipes. If you are just opening your new business or feel that you are under-insured, take a look today at complete policies designed especially for the hospitality industry.